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When we say FIRST TIME FIX, we mean it! So we back it up with a guarantee. If you pay us to repair your car and it isn’t fixed the first time – we’ll fix it the second time for free.

Only applies to original repair. If you have questions, please ask what’s covered by the guarantee when you first bring your car for repair.

We guarantee our work at 1st Time Fix Auto Repair in Fayetteville

We service and repair vehicles for home and business. Special rates for fleets!

Commercial Vehicles

We service commercial trucks and vans. If you make your living on the road, you can’t afford downtime. We help keep your vehicles running smooth.

Personal Vehicles

We’re a one stop repair shop for all your family cars. Don’t run all over town to get different cars services. We can handle everything you need.

Fleet Maintenance & Repair

We help fleet owners keep their vehicles on the road. WE offer special rates for preventative maintenance and repairs to your fleet. Ask us about the terms.


Engine Repair and Rebuild is SpecialtyWe fix pretty much anything that needs to be done on your vehicle but repairing engines is one of our specialties. We can handle minor repairs or serious rebuilds.

Is your car knocking? Does your truck keeps stalling out? Check engine light showing up? Feel the engine vibrating, the car’s overheating, the battery won’t hold a charge!

Breathe! And bring it here. We’ve got it. Guaranteed.

  • Foreign cars including Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Nissan, Porsche and Mazda
  • American made cars and trucks
  • Hybrid engines and electric vehicles

We’ll do the work right the first time or we’ll do again for free!
Call us 910-758-8266 and let’s get you into the shop!

We fix brakes, replace pads and rotors Drive safeDriving around on bad brakes puts you and everyone in the car at risk. Not to mention everyone else on the road. When you brakes are starting to go, there are some simple signs to recommend you head to the shop.

  • Squealing noise – this means your brake pads are wearing thin
  • The brakes are sluggish; they still work but they don’t respond as quickly or as well
  • Grinding noise – bad news those thin brake pads are now entirely gone.
  • The brake pedal is vibrating

We’re locally owned and operated – not a chain or a franchise. Call us at 910-758-8266 so you can drive safe.

Fayetteville's best auto repair shop - we do it right the first timeYour car isn’t much different than your health. It’s a lot easier to catch things as early as possible. No point in finding yourself on the side of the road if you don’t need to be. Ask yourself, when was the last time I brought my vehicle in for tune-up?

We evaluate and replace:

  • Connections
  • Belts
  • Fluids & Filters
  • Spark Plugs
  • Fluids & Filters

When you keep your vehicle in good condition, it lasts longer and costs less to drive.Call us at 910-758-8266.

we fix it right the first time or we fix it for free the secondWe’re a local business in Fayetteville, so people we serve aren’t just our customers. We see each other around town.

Here’s what to expect at 1st Time Fix Auto Repair.

  • First we run a diagnostic on the vehicle to uncover the extent of the problem.
  • After the diagnostic, we explain what’s going on and answer your questions.
  • You get a written estimate of costs and our commitment not to “add-on” without your approval
  • We’ll give you our best estimate on when you will get the car back. If that changes,we let you know.
  • Every job we do has a 1 year warranty – and not just on parts – labor too.

Call us at 910-758-8266 and let’s take a look at your vehicle.

We do quality work and still make every effort to keep our prices affordable. You get written quotes – no “extras” added on. If you’re watching your budget, we highly recommend scheduling preventative maintenance. It’s a lot cheaper to fix a leaky radiator than to replace a head gasket if the car overheats.

  • We waive the fee for our diagnostic service once you book the repair with us.
  • Some foreign cars cannot use after-market parts – expect a higher cost for those repairs.
  • If somehow we didn’t repair it properly the first time, we’ll do for free the second time.
  • Every job we do has a 1 year warranty – and not just on parts – labor too.

Call us at 910-758-8266 and let’s take a look at your vehicle.

Need mechanics you can trust? 1st Time Fix Auto Repair in Fayetteville, NC includes a 1 year warranty on parts & labor! Call 910-758-8266 now to schedule.

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